Revive Stagnant Searches

One of our areas of expertise which we have developed over the years is to take over problem or stagnant search assignments and bring expedient closure for the client.

Throughout our years in the industry, we have encountered numerous clients who had been involved in a search assignment that was stagnant for a number of reasons such as:

  • Obscure location of the assignment
  • A highly technical skill that was needed and difficult to locate in that particular industry
  • Lack of attention to their search assignment by another search firm
  • Lack of industry expertise or search depth of another search firm
  • Blockage: “non accessible” candidates due to “hands-off” approach from multi-location national retained firms due to their past and current business relationships within those companies

Many of our initial assignments with a new client over the years were stagnant searches that we successfully turned around. We concluded an assignment in Japan in 4 months after two other international multi-location retained firms had failed.

The more challenging or difficult the search, the more committed we are as a company to complete the assignment and bring satisfaction to the client.