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360 Recruitment Process

Due to our unique approach to high performance search and a powerful 4 phase process-driven campaign to deliver results, our search completion is at a 99% closure rate.

Discovery & Strategy

  • We take the time to fully understand the values, culture, ambitions and drivers of your business in order to affect change in its development.
  • Our tailor-made approach compiles a focus list of direct competitors as well as peripheral industry sectors and upon review with you, target key executives and rising stars in those organzations.
  • We assimilate the profile and characteristics of the individual needed for the role.
  • We proactively assess any challenges for the search, develop the strategy and set objectives along with the search timeline.

Begin acquisition of talent

  • We analyze and study the market place, leverage our technology, use our vast network and the latest developments in social media to ensure we connect with extraordinary leaders through the utilization of our proprietary 360 recruitment process.
  • Through our 360 recruitment process, we utilize a multi-prong approach that encompasses delving into our extensive network of talent starting with our technology- smart data base with contacts from over the past 30 years, focus target list and recommendations.
  • We initiate contact directly via phone and present a 360 overview of the opportunity (company history, culture, direction, position summary) to ideal executive leaders with the key attributes and experience who have demonstrated performance success.
  • We have continual follow-up with the client as we embrace search transparency by providing our clients the ability to gauge and assess progress at every stage.

Presentation & recommendation

  • We funnel the ideal candidates and initiate our 360 interview analysis model, ultimately resulting in comprehensive candidates summaries our firm compiles including leadership style, strategy implementations, professional and personal accomplishments, and desired career development/direction etc.
  • We forward candidates summaries of the finalists our firm selects to the client and provide feedback on candidate concerns as well as share post-interview thoughts and impressions (to see examples of candidate summaries Click Here)
  • We design and structure a seamless interview process/schedule to the point that all the client has to do is review our extensive candidate summaries and “show up” for the interviews.
  • We continue to recruit and have a list of “back-up” potential candidates.


  • Through our 360 Recruitment Process, we minimize surprises and collaborate with our client by conducting an in-depth analysis of the finalists.
  • We provide our clients with recommendations on compensation structuring, offer presentation and negotiation strategies.
  • We serve as an intermediary between the client and final candidate to ensure a successful conclusion to the search.
  • After the candidate is hired, we reach out after out after 3 months and after 6 months of employment to gather feedback for our client, ensuring a true 360 recruitment approach.

Kristan International

Our mission is to be relentless in our efforts to develop “leadership capital” for our clients, transform their businesses by building high performance teams, and consistently exceed their expectations.

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