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Research Specialties

Targeted research

Kristan International creates current sector research tailored for each assignment. This is an in-depth comprehensive market intelligence analysis that goes beyond the obvious targets and database entries leveraging today’s rate of change to identify new and upcoming talent.

  • Sectors are targeted, competitive analysis is conducted, firms are deconstructed and individual professionals are identified and contacted directly and presented the opportunity. Research is the cornerstone of each Kristan International search project and is approached as a major marketing event.
  • Kristan International maintains and employs an extensive Executive Talent Pool. Each project includes a detailed search of this resource producing both prospective candidates and confidential referrals and recommendations from industry insiders.
  • Kristan International’s state of the art software and 360 Recruitment Process integrates the results of the overall effort. A comprehensive research effort, talent pool information, 360 Recruitment Process and the traditional direct contacts made via the research based phase of the project, are integrated to produce a unified approach that Kristan International has branded “Captive Synergy”.
  • Kristan International’s project team maximizes our software to bring all of these varied resources to bear on the project in a unified manner. Your position, carefully defined and comprehensively researched by Kristan International, is professionally positioned and marketed to the entire target sector personally, professionally and in a timely fashion.
  • Kristan International’s Captive Synergy process eliminates oversights and ineffectual search methods that limit the scope and validity of conventional retained search/re-search methods.

With a focus on delivering the best search results to our clients, we have strategically positioned ourselves with respect to size. Although we are a global search firm, we are not a multinational firm that is so big that their size limits their ability to conduct the best search work, with restrictions such as “hands-off” where they are blocked from recruiting individuals from numerous corporations due to past business relationships see stagnant searches. We are proud to have matured and grown as a boutique firm with contacts and clients throughout the world and have retained ethical boundaries with our clients. Therefore, our size is one of the defining attributes that drive our success.

Kristan International

Our mission is to be relentless in our efforts to develop “leadership capital” for our clients, transform their businesses by building high performance teams, and consistently exceed their expectations.

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